Creating a Knowledge Base for a Circular Economy – for Living within Planetary Boundaries

Big environmental crises – global warming, biodiversity loss and unsustainable resource use – are strongly interconnected. Environmental sustainability is the fundamental condition for sustainable human societies and economies. Solving the crises requires societies to stay within planetary boundaries. The transition to circular economy is needed for reaching the emission reduction targets, for sustainable resource use and for eliminating waste.

"Creating a Knowledge Base for a Circular Economy - for Living within Planetary Boundaries" presents a synthesis from Circular Economy 2019 Conference which was part of The Finnish EU Presidency Event, European Days for Sustainable Circular Economy. Conference was organized at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki in October 1st, 2019 by Ministry of Environment of Finland, Finnish Environment Institute, Baltic Sea Action Group and Forum for Environmental Information.

In the publication you will find highlights from CE2019 seminar and recommendations for policy makers in order to accelerate the circular economy transition.

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