Forum for Environmental Information

Promoting the use of scientific environmental information
in societal decision-making

Forum for Environmental Information, founded in June 2010, aims at advancing the transfer of timely environmental information and at increasing interaction between the producers and users of information. The main objective is to support national policy making, keeping in mind the global significance of environmental problems. Events organised by FEI do not seek financial profit.

Contact us
Executive director:
Johanna Riitakorpi
+358 503750757


We advance

  • Transfer of the most recent scientific information in the field of environmental research to national policy making and administration.
  • Accessibility of information for policy making
  • Public discussion of timely environmental questions

Our objectives

  • To establish fruitful communication and discussion among environmental researchers and end users
  • To organise seminars, workshops, and other events
  • To combine forces rather than to divide them by organising several small, competing events

FEI is funded by

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